Ako umram il' zaginam
This is a lesno dance song popular among Macedonians and Bulgarians. Recommended for late in the evening. Listeners have been known to take the lyrics about smashing their drinking glasses literally.

Verse 1

// Ako umram il' zaginam
Nemoj da me zhalite
Napijte se s rujno vino
Skarshete gi chashite //

    // E-e-e-e, verni drugari
    Pesna zapejte, mene spomnejte //

Verse 2
// Ako umram il' zaginam
Pop nemoj da vikate
Vie na grob da mi dojte
Oro da zaigrate //


Verse 3
// Ako umram il' zaginam
Ke ostanat spomeni
Shto sam ludo ludovalo
Na mladite godini //


If I die or if I'm killed
Don't cry for me
Pour red wine
And break the glasses

    Hey, faithful friends
    Sing a song, remember me

If I die or if I'm killed
Don't call a priest
Come to my grave
And dance the oro

If I die or if I'm killed
The memories will be
What a wild dude I was
In the years of my youth!

Source: An MP3 recording we got from Anton Kirilov of Redmond, WA. Lyrics transcribed by Anton Kirilov. Translation after Ivan Vassilev.