Dospatsko horo
We prefer generic dances to those with specific choreographies, but this is a pretty Rhodope dance tune that's widely popular in the U.S. And besides, you can replace phrases 1 and 2 with a verse of "House of the Rising Sun"...

Choreographed sequence, gradual accelerando throughout: 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 1 2 3

Image: Sheet music

Sources: Balkanton BHA 734 LP (the classic) and Gega GD 134 CD (a slightly jazzier version). A modern folk/pop singer, whose name I can't recall but have written down somewhere, has recorded a percussion-heavy version under a different name.

Alternate chords for phrases 1 and 2 from that house in New Orleans:
Em /G /A /C /Em /G /B /B7
Em /G /A /C /Em /B7/Em/AmEm

Yes, you can play the melody on bitov instruments. That little Am at the end takes you back to Bulgaria...