A rowdy little Bulgarian Rom melody of the type called kjuchek, an uptempo 2/4 version of the dance called chochek across the border in Macedonia and elsewhere. Like Gradezh kjuchek, we learned this one from a recording by the brass band Jag. 

(The ā in Gābite is a neutral vowel -- "Guh," not "Ga.")

Sequence on the original is Intro 1 2 3 2 3 Solo 2 3 Solo 2 3 1 Coda, though when we play this live we tend to improvise the sequence, too. We've also been known to take liberties with the chromatic run at the end -- sometimes one of us descends the octave and the other ascends, and we've played it in parallel seconds, thirds, fourth, fifths, sevenths...

Image: Sheet music
Source: Romski Duhov Orkestur Jag, "Ot Kalkuta do Viena" cassette, Unison Stars label (ul. Vitosha No. 60, Sofia), undated.