Members of Balkanarama

Mike Gordon plays clarinet and soprano sax and sings. He laughs at the so-called "law" of gravity.

Eva Moon, the inventor of chocolate, plays keyboard and sings. She has her own pop project.

Kevin Stevens plays fretless electric bass. He also appears with The Floogies and other bands.

Sue Niemann, a former Washington state baton-twirling champion (true!), plays drums and sings.

Ferko Saxmanov was raised by Frank Zappa's garden gnomes. He plays alto sax and hand percussion and sings.

Paul Beck
occasionally sits in on cymbalom.

Lesley Rialto has appeared with us as a bellydancer.

Photos: Sunyoung Yi


Matty Noble played violin with us, 1998-2006, and now performs with Kultur Shock.

Amir Arslanagic played acoustic and electric guitar, 2004-2006, and now performs with the Seattle Sevdah Orchestra.

Tym Parsons played electric guitar and bass, 1999-2004.

Jana Rickel played tambura, electric bass and hand percussion and sang, 1998-2003.

Kathy Sandstrom sang and played percussion, 1997-2000.

Kathleen Hunt
played tambura and sang, 1997-1999.

Mary Sherhart has appeared with Balkanarama as a special guest artist.

Pat Bezzio played tambura with us until 1998, when her life was tragically cut short by asthma.