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Here's an excerpt from a live recording on Feb. 26, 2005, at Seattle Drum School's L.A.B. (Little Auditorium in Back). We invited a select audience and recorded a concert of a dozen songs -- no retakes, no redubs, no studio magic. This preview is still a rough mix, but even so, it's pretty much exactly what we sound like live.

Kerta mange daje
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This is a song in Romany written by Shemo Ibrahimi from Kosovo, about a young man who's been drafted into the army and who asks his mother to brew him one last cup of coffee before he goes. Lead vocal by Eva Moon.

More to come...


Here are excerpts from all the songs on both our CDs: Nonstop, released in 2000, and Black Sea, released in 2002. You can order our CDs online or by mail.
From Nonstop
May 2000
  Song Origin Dance Length
1 Ramajana
Windows Media | MP3
Macedonian Rom Sa sa 3:30
2 Corroro
Windows Media | MP3
Vojvodina Rom Jeni jol 4:47
3 Ah Ya Bibi
Windows Media | MP3
Fanfare Ciocarlia Manea 2:54
4 Krusevo aber pristigna
Windows Media | MP3
Macedonia Lesno 3:38
5 Basal, basal Kurtis
Windows Media | MP3
Macedonian Rom Cocek 4:27
Tragnal e Marko
Windows Media | MP3
Bulgaria Slow gankino 3:19
7 Sa bas tute
Windows Media | MP3
Kosovo Rom Cocek 4:18
8 Terno chavo
Windows Media | MP3
Albanian Rom Jeni jol 5:27
9 Zvance dranka
Windows Media | MP3
Pirin Devetorka 2:28
10 Argitiko
Windows Media | MP3
Greece Kalamatianos 3:59
11 Hodih dolu, mamo
Windows Media | MP3
Bulgaria Cetvorno 3:23
12 Varnenski kjucek
Windows Media | MP3
Bulgaria 9/8 dance 4:13
13 Liljano mome, Liljano
Windows Media | MP3
Pirin Lesno 3:35
14 Suzana
Windows Media | MP3
John Petlichkovski Cocek 4:38

Black Sea
September 2002
  Song Origin Dance Length
1 The Earth Carries Me
Windows Media | MP3
Balkan Rom Cocek3:50
2 Like Birds
Windows Media | MP3
Hungarian Rom Jeni jol 6:45
3 Entropy Time
Windows Media | MP3
Music and lyrics by Jody Levinson Dajcovo (9/8) 5:50
4 Zamini
Windows Media | MP3
Music by Jody Levinson, lyrics by Marija Makrevska Lesnoto 5:10
5 Black Sea (Cherno More)
Windows Media | MP3
Bulgarian Kjucek 5:50

You can order our CDs online or by mail.