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Balkanarama Live
Released April 2006. Recorded at Seattle Drum School L.A.B., Seattle, February 2005.
BALKANARAMA: Balkanarama Live

Our first CD in four years comes by demand of the multi-ethnic audiences at our live shows. We played a dozen of our favorite songs late one night in front of a studio audience and recorded all the songs in one take -- we didn't add a note later, though we did remove applause to tighten the recording. Full-length CD (62:36) with complete lyrics and English translations for all songs. Good dance tempos. Available from CD Baby.

  Song Origin Dance Length
1 Kerta mange daje / Belmont Macedonian & Bulgarian Rom Cocek 7:17
2 Snoshti te videli Bulgarian free-meter song (none) 4:21
3 Ibraim / Gabite Macedonian & Bulgarian Rom Cocek 5:03
4 I bavlal purdela Serbian Rom Jeni jol 4:31
5 Paradhehtika Greek: Bregovic & Nikolapolou 9/8 dance 3:35
6 Anotoneta Albanian Rom Cocek 4:18
7 Si la kale bal Serbian Rom 7/8 dance 5:29
8 Karavana Chajka Bulgarian pop Kjucek 4:30
9 Alo mange liloro / Ederlezi Macedonian Rom Jeni jol 7:41
10 Jasmina Serbian Rom 9/8 dance 4:48
11 Moj dilbere Bosnian traditional song Jeni jol 4:19
12 Ramo, Ramo / Sami Malik's tune B. Milojevic / Sami Malik Cocek 6:13

Black Sea
Released September 2002. Recorded at Seattle Drum School Studios, Seattle, May-June 2002.

"Their first album, Nonstop, features some great pan-Balkan music, but this new EP shows changes towards more electric arrangements without sounding like a pop band. The most electric track is “Entropy Time,” an original Balkan-style song with shattering guitar and soaring fiddle backing English vocals by the sweet voice of Eva Moon."

– Judith Gennett, Columbia Gypsy Music Archive


Black Sea is a five-song, 27:25 demo including two original songs in Balkan styles. The CD includes complete lyrics and translations.
  Song Origin Dance Length
1 The Earth Carries Me Balkan Rom Cocek 3:50
2 Like Birds Hungarian Rom Jeni jol 6:45
3 Entropy Time Music and lyrics by Eva Moon Dajcovo (9/8) 5:50
4 Zamini Music by Eva Moon,
lyrics by Marija Makrevska
Lesnoto 5:10
5 Black Sea (Cherno More) Bulgarian Kjucek 5:50

Released May 2000. Recorded at Garey Shelton Productions, Seattle, December 1999-April 2000.

"Super collection of multi-layered melodies and wailing solos ... a knockout! Not to be missed."

– Richard Dorsett, Victory Review


Our first CD contains 14 songs: 10 vocals in Bulgarian, Macedonian and Romany and 4 instrumentals. The CD comes with a 16-page color booklet including lyrics and translations for all the songs.
  Song Origin Dance Length
1 Ramajana Macedonian Rom Sa sa 3:30
2 Chorroro Vojvodina Rom Jeni jol 4:47
3 Ah Ya Bibi Fanfare Ciocarlia Manea 2:54
4 Krushevo aber pristigna Macedonia Lesno 3:38
5 Bashal, bashal Kurtish Macedonian Rom Cocek 4:27


Tragnal e Marko Bulgaria Slow gankino 3:19
7 Sa bash tute Kosovo Rom Cocek 4:18
8 Terno Chavo Albanian Rom Jeni jol 5:27
9 Zvanche dranka Pirin Devetorka 2:28
10 Argitiko Greece Kalamatianos 3:59
11 Hodih dolu, mamo Bulgaria Cetvorno 3:23
12 Varnenski kjuchek Bulgaria 9/8 dance 4:13
13 Liljano mome, Liljano Pirin Lesno 3:35
14 Suzana John Petlichkovski Cocek 4:38