Balkan party music in Seattle

Opa cupa

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A song by the legendary Bosnian Rom singer Saban Bajramovic in a bouncy 2/4 rhythm that works well for the Serbian dance u šest. We repeat one phrase that he doesn’t.

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Corroro (Phirav mange korkoro)

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Accordionist Dusko Petrovic wrote this song in the late 1960s, recorded it in one take and had an instant hit. We play two versions: a slow version with a maqsum beat, to accompany the dance called jeni jol, and a fast version as a cocek.

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Gjura beli belo platno

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A song in the 5/8 dance rhythm called pajdusko in Bulgaria, also known in Macedonia and Greece. Some say it resembles the beat of a human heart.

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“You have done an awful thing, you have forgotten about my love.” A rocking dance song in cocek rhythm with music and vocals by the immortal Macedonian Rom singer Esma Redzepova and lyrics by Ervin Redep.

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Ne klepeci nanulama

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A sad but lovely Bosnian song written by Husain Kurtagic. Nedzad Salkovic’s recording made it a hit in the early 1980s. The singer asks his wife not to come down the steps to the balcony in her wooden clogs, because the sound reminds him of the way his dead mother used to come down the steps. This is for listening, not dancing.

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Balkan sheet music from Balkanarama

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Balkan sheet music from Balkanarama

Music transcribed by Michael Gordon

Starting with the beloved song Makedonsko devojce, here will grow a collection of sheet music for songs from the southern Balkans that I’ve transcribed over the years. Almost all will be from the repertoire of Balkanarama, the Seattle dance band that I helped start in 1997. The sheet music is in high-resolution PDF format and is available to musicians anywhere for free. I’ll add two songs a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, with occasional bonus tunes. Enjoy!

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Makedonsko devojce

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One of the most popular Macedonian songs ever recorded declares that there is no girl in the world more beautiful than a Macedonian girl. We play it in 7/8 lesnoto rhythm.

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