Balkan party music in Seattle

The Band

We the oppressed people of Balkanarama protest our brutal mistreatment at the bloodstained hands of the Balkanarama Passport Ministry. Its arbitrary and despotic abuse of power must be ended by any means necessary!

Learn the suppressed truth – not the Ministry’s lies – about uswhat we playwhere we’ve played and who else plays music like ours.

We return you to the lies of the Balkanarama Passport Ministry.


Balkanarama Passport Ministry

Vergilij Atanasov, Director

Unfortunately, the Passport Ministry is closed today. Please return to this office no later than 6 a.m. tomorrow. It is not possible to return your passport or exchange currency at this time. Would you prefer to wait at the end of a long line in a freezing drizzle outside our office until it reopens, or: