Balkan party music in Seattle

Dada sali

Posted on May 8, 2018

From the liner notes to this recording by Ferus Mustafov, the superb Macedonian Rom sax and clarinet player: “This is based on an Albanian tune that any traveller in western Macedonia or Albania is guaranteed to hear once a day at least, although rarely in such a jazzy form as this.”

Dada sali

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  1. Simonida

    Is this for alt saxophone the notes? It’s too low it should be a octave higher. Is it possible to get some notes from Ferus that he is playing I love his music. I am Roma too.
    Best regards

    • Ferko

      This is in concert key. It should be played up one octave. For alto saxophone, it would be pitched in E minor with the first note B above the staff.

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