Balkan party music in Seattle

Majstore majstore

Posted on Aug 3, 2018

This song, heard in Northern Macedonia and in Bulgaria, was first performed by Petranka Kostadinova at the Valandovo Folk Fest in southeast Macedonia in 1990. We play it as a cocek dance. “Majstore” (literally “master”) refers to a master of a particular craft or trade. This one, hmm, perhaps he is very skilled with his big, strong hands…

There are two versions of the lyrics: the original Macedonian lyrics and a Bulgarian version that we learned from Mary Sherhart in Seattle.

Majstore majstore

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Macedonian lyrics:

Majstore majstore lyrics

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Bulgarian lyrics:

Majstore majstore lyrics 2

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Performed in Macedonian by Petranka Kostadinova at Valandovo in 1990:


Performed in Macedonian by Aneta Micevska at Valandovo in 2017:

(The accordion player needs to lighten up…)


Performed in Bulgarian by Toni Dacheva with Kristal in 1991 or 1992:




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